4 Reasons For Implementing A Visitor Management System

A pen and paper can be powerful tools, especially in the hands of a writer or politician, but these basic instruments fail to cut the mustard when it comes to security. In prior times, if you wanted to grant access to a visitor, whether into a business, healthcare facility or school, you’d do so using the pen and paper system, a crude way for receptionists to document the comings and goings of guests. It was time-consuming, mildly laborious, and it didn’t altogether improve security.


Well, thankfully there are better solutions nowadays. Armed with either visitor management software, or simply a card printer capable of producing visitor ID cards, your business can better its visitor experience while also heightening security. Whether signing guests in through a registration kiosk, through the company intranet or simply giving them cards to wear during their visit, here are five reasons that your business should implement a visitor management system.


A Safer Work Environment

By requiring a visitor check-in, a business is able to screen potential intruders. You could even require existing government ID to be shown upon entrance, and then match that info to certain registries, weeding out people that could cause harm to your place of business. Or you could simply rely on your ID card systems to print a “Visitor” card, which will help security visually identify them as a temporary guest.


Gathering Data

Data, such as a guest’s frequency or duration of visits, can help build customer or client info, or help you determine who attended a specific event or meeting. If you’re a company that bills by time, it can also be helpful in the billing process.



Providing Supplemental Materials

Let’s say a guest visits who requires certain supplemental material, like an info binder, a business proposal, or even a map of the premises; when implementing a visitor management system, you can flag certain visitors on your system, and let reception know what materials they need. This further streamlines the visitor process, making for a more comfortable and welcoming experience.


Welcoming returning Visitors

One of the immediate benefits of moving your visitor away from pen and paper, and toward a more sophisticated visitor management system, is that you don’t have to waste time re-processing frequent visitors. You can simply give them a visitor ID card that they can either flash reception or security, or swipe at a kiosk. These cards are simple to print with Avon Security Products’ ID card printing machine from Polaroid or one of our other fantastic machines.


For a company that sees a lot of guest traffic, it pays to have a more sophisticated system of visitor management in place. You can welcome guests through speedily, efficiently and safely, as well as collect useful data. If your business is considering upgrading its visitor management system, check out Avon Security Products and read up on our visitor management solutions.

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