Why Every Construction Site Should Use ID Cards

The lifeblood of modern cities and towns, the construction industry in Canada continues to grow year after year, building our homes, office buildings, malls – well, just about anything with a door! Because of the intense specialization and large-scale production of a construction site, there are valuable materials and tools involved, as well as (to an outsider, at least) dangerous procedures involved.


All of these things culminate in the need for effective security. With an ID card printer and either a card reader or security guard, you can keep your site safe, as well as reap a number of additional benefits. Here are a few reasons why every construction site should be using ID cards.


Protect Your Materials

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why a construction site would implement an ID card system. Wood and copper might be stolen in the night by intruders who intend to either use the materials for themselves, or sell them. If working on an apartment building, let’s say, then appliances can be a big target for theft – dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. – and ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to the site greatly reduces the risk of theft on these items.


Protect Your Valuables

Of course, tools are a large target for thieves, as they’re often expensive and (usually) easy to walk off with. Sometimes, thieves will even try and make off with large equipment, like loaders, tractors and excavators. And because of improperly locked down perimeters, thieves often have an easy time doing as well. You can change that by putting in place an ID card system, with ID card printers printing badges for all personnel, as well as readers or guards to check each person that walks in for credentials.


Keep The Public Out Of Harm’s Way

Sometimes, it’s not the site itself that needs protecting, but the unwitting public! There are a lot of hazards on a construction site that, to an untrained member of the public, could spell disaster, so ID cards are as much about keeping the public out as they are keeping valuables in.



Manage Access

Within a construction site, you might want to cordon off areas where certain workers are allowed to go and others aren’t – the jobsite supervisors’ trailer or foreman’s trailer, for instance. You can either colour code ID cards to indicate to manned security a level of clearance, or you can code access control right into the card.


Track Worker Attendance

It can be difficult, especially with a large staff spread out over a large area, to keep track of everyone’s attendance and punch-in/out time, but with an ID card system you can easily have access to that information. This cuts down on time theft, and increases accountability. If for just this reason alone, ID cards provide a return on investment. Take the Polaroid ID card printing machine for instance, which is a incredibly cost-effective security solution: it can save you much more in efficiency than what it’s worth.


Allow Visitors

Finally, an ID card system can be like a visitor management system, in that it allows you to print access cards for visitors like investors, students, day workers, employee family members, etc. You can code these cards to limit access to risky areas of the site, keeping visitors both authorized and safe.


A construction site just runs more smoothly with ID cards, which can help protect materials and tools, help manage access, help track employee attendance and act as a visitor management system. Before you build anything, start by building a robust security system first!

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