6 Businesses That Could Benefit from Membership Cards

Even though the movement has been around for well over a decade, many companies are still implementing membership card options to their customers. In large part, buyers across many industries enjoy all of the perks that come with these cards. If you haven’t started a membership card initiative because you don’t think it will benefit your business, you may want to reconsider this option.

The membership card has already helped a number of industries. If your business belongs to one of these industries, you may want to think about starting a membership card program. These industries are among the ones most likely to benefit from such a program.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

People love going to a café and getting a free item with their membership card. These programs have proven that customers are more likely to shop at a location where they can get discounts and unique offers. Cafés and coffee shops are places where people can make a quick stop while running around. A membership card makes it more likely that they will do just that.


Just like cafes, restaurants are more likely to earn loyal customers by offering a membership card program. When coupled with email campaigns, programs like this easily increase sales. For example, if your restaurant is typically slow on Tuesdays, you can offer free appetizer to your members on Tuesdays. A popular campaign for restaurant memberships is to offer either money off after a certain dollar amount is spent or a free entrée after so many entrées have been purchased.

Grocery and Food Stores

Even grocery and convenience stores benefit from offering a little bit more to their customers. You can use the cards to offer free food, additional coupons, better deals, and free items. People love being able to stretch their food budget a little bit further. These cards give them a way to do just that.

Gyms and Recreation Centers

Membership cards are advantageous to gyms and recreation centers for several reasons. It helps to easily identify patrons who are members during the check in process. The cards are incredibly easy to scan as members enter. They are easy to track, so that patrons don’t end up having something large to store while they are exercising. Finally, they make it easy for the gym to track who visits, how often, and when. This is important for offering discounts, classes, and during membership renewal.

Retail Stores

Whether you are locally owned and operated or are part of a larger group of retail store, membership card programs are incredibly beneficial. They are easy for customers to track while giving you a lot of useful data about shopping patterns. Like the food industry, customer love to get stuff for free and get better discounts than none members. Stores who have implemented these programs are more likely to build loyal customer bases.

Gas Stations

With as uncertain as the price of gas has been over the last couple of decades, people love to know that they can get a better price. Gas stations that have membership programs are more likely to be visited than those without because even if your gas is a little more expensive than a competitor, customers can get it cheaper with their card. 

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