The Top ID Card Printer Brands

As technology makes it easier for companies to manage many repetitive tasks that were once outsourced, it becomes increasingly necessary to learn about a much wider range of tools. The ID card printer is one of these amazing pieces of equipment that can save a substantial sum every year. However, you also have a lot of options.

The following are the best in the ID card printer business.

Evolis Badgy 200

The top spot goes to the product with the most obvious (and cartoonish) name, the Evolis Badgy 200. This ID card printer gives you a lot of options with a very small device. You can print in color or monochrome depending on your needs. It is incredibly
portable, making it ideal for use in the field. You can expect cards and badges to last between one and three years.

The only real limitation is that it does single-sided prints. Since most businesses and organizations don’t need double-sided prints, this is rarely an issue.  

Datacard SP25 Plus

Datacard has made it difficult to expect little from a printer with the SP25 Plus. With features that are far more advanced than were available just a few years ago, this handy little ID card printer can do a lot. You can print in color or monochrome, as well as reusing a card if you mess up. It is quick and has a resolution of 300 DPI. If you need tighter security, it comes with the ability to use smart card and magnetic stripe.

Magicard Enduro+

Falling between the capabilities of the top ranked printer on this list and the second, the Magicard Enduro+ has a lot to offer. With multiple printing modes, you adjust the settings quickly based on your badge or ID needs. If your printing needs are between low- and mid-volume, it is the perfect printer for single-sided printing with a few extra additions.

Evolis Tattoo 2Rewrite

This hardy little printer is capable of between 2,500 and 3,000 cards every year. Covering all of your basic badging needs, it has some additional security features too. One of the most portable ID card printers on the list, it is perfect for field work. The only real limitation is that it only prints in monochrome.

Fargo DTC1250e and DTC4500e

One of the leading names in high resolution printing, so it is no wonder they have two printers on this list.

The DTC1250e costs less, and offers fewer functions, but it is a great solution for smaller businesses that don’t need heavy duty badges and ID cards. With the ability to print 225 cards every hour (both color and monochrome), it is by no means inferior to the other printers on this list. The model prints single-sided cards, but you can use an add-on module for double-sided printing as needed.

The second printer, the DTC4500e is the costlier and far more advanced of the two Fargo models. It can print rapidly in color and monochrome, and is popular in schools, large organizations, and government facilities. The basic model prints single-sided cards with lamination and encoding. If you need double-sided cards, you can upgrade it and have pretty much every advantage you need to print a high-quality card.

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