Five Venues that Need Oversized Cards

Bigger isn’t always better, but things can be just a bit easier when size is on your side. If you are in charge of coordinating a large public event, you may be struggling with keeping your attendees and their property safe and secure.

For Your Local Festival

From the Carrot Fest to the Tecumseh Corn Festival and everything in between, a small town celebration can span multiple city blocks and sprawl outside of the courthouse square. For both managing the parade and keeping the vendors’ area running smoothly, oversized ID cards become an asset that saves time and money. Any security personnel who are working the festival will have a difficult time telling who has access to which areas. A large amount of people and area that need to be covered don’t leave them time to monitor anything but suspicious movement, so highly visible badges can let them quickly spot out someone lurking around the wrong tent without harassing every festival goer into a poor mood for a party.

Under the Stadium Lights

Whether it’s soccer, rugby, or football, sports events can turn into a logistical nightmare as students are bussed in from out of town, overeager parents fight for the best seats, and the teams have to share space on the practice fields and in the locker rooms. Tournaments can be especially hectic, so team spaces should be reserved for anyone that is wearing a uniform or that has one of the oversized cards bearing a team logo. 

At the Talent Show

A raging Battle of the Bands or a grab-bag of student performances at a talent show can become chaos incarnate with multiple groups moving on and off stage after a single song or terrible puppet act. Even the most steady-handed and stoic theater director will be on edge and in need of assistance moving the thespians to their proper spots. By assigning the group with colored and numbered oversized cards as a badge for each member, the support staff can wrangle wandering teens or alert you to an unauthorized presence amongst the support staff the kids are using for the show.

For the Conference

When the hotel lobby and event rooms are crawling with both conventioneers and other guests, conference security benefits from having readily visible identification. Hobby conferences are frequently populated by vendor booths full of valuable merchandise, and any keynote event may contain proprietary content. Both of these deserve stringent protection against unauthorized access. 

At Any Outdoor Event

IDs the size of credit cards are sufficient in an office environment, but they quickly lose relevance as the size of the venue increases. A busy golf tournament, a sprawling concert in a natural basin, or a car show at a race track are some examples of outdoor venues that could benefit from oversized cards.

Make Visible Gains in Your Security Level

While you can defend yourself from threats you can’t see, having a high level of visibility helps make it that much easier to keep control of a large crowd of people. The managerial and security staff of any major event can agree that going with oversized ID cards is the responsible and sensible solution.

To learn more about oversized cards, or to purchase the items you need to print yours, contact us today!

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