Is it Better to Buy an ID Printer or Outsource the Printing?

When it comes to ID cards, your company has two options – buy an ID printer or outsource the process; both have their benefits and shortcomings. The size of the company, the number of ID cards you need and the staff changes will all have a profound impact on the decision. These are the factors to take into consideration before choosing an ID printer or opting for an outsourced service.

The Benefits of Owning an ID Printer

Having an ID badge printer on premises is certainly linked to tons of convenience. Once you invest in the machine, you can have ID cards printed quickly and on demand. You’ll be free from having to cooperate with another entity on the process. ID printing equipment is easy to operate and a single card will be produced in a manner of seconds.

There are dozens of printers to choose among on the basis of company needs. Spare parts and additional supplies are incredibly cost-efficient and they can be bought effortlessly online. Once you invest in these, you’ll be free from having to spend more money in the future.

The ownership of an ID printer frees you from some additional costs. There’s no need to pay for shipping and handling. If your organization needs numerous ID cards on a regular basis, spending money one time on the purchase of a printer would be the smartest thing to do.

Having a printer on premises also allows for immediate modifications in the case of staff changes. The ownership of a printer allows for the execution of top-notch security measures. Companies and institutions that deal with sensitive information or own expensive equipment should definitely prioritize the purchase of an ID printer.

Printer ownership enables full control over data encoding and the issuance process. Thus, governmental organizations, companies that issue membership cards and licenses and large corporations will get the best price and service from the purchase of ID printing card equipment.

Outsourcing ID Card Printing: When and Why?

While almost all businesses will benefit from having a printer on premises, there are a few small exceptions. The purchase of an ID printer does not make sense for companies that issue a small number of ID cards every now and then and don’t expect a lot of growth in the future.

There’s also no need to hire staff and invest in their training by opting for ID card printing outsourcing. The company responsible for offering such services will handle the design, production and the delivery of the finalized product.

Depending on the type and the number of cards, some printing companies may offer additional discounts. In this case, the process will become even more cost-efficient.

Before opting for outsourcing, however, remember that a third party will be handling personal employee information. Also, the costs will be ongoing. Once you invest in a printer, you’ll get to use it in the long run. A printer allows effortless control over changes and it’s a money-saving tool in the long run.

Final Verdict

Larger companies and entities that deal with highly sensitive information will definitely benefit from the purchase of an ID printer. The same applies to businesses interested in a cost-efficient solution.

Startups are typically the ones that will get the biggest number of benefits from outsourcing. In all other instances, owning ID card printing equipment will bring tons of convenience and long-term savings to the table. Thus, businesses interested in flexibility and cost-efficiency should definitely pursue the purchase of card printing equipment. Contact us today to learn more!

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