Which Type of Backdrop Stand is Right for You?

If you’ve ever watched a photographer work then you know the importance of minimizing background distractions. In fact, this is one of the hallmarks of professional work: the use of backdrop stands or effective substitute to ensure the audience’s focus remains on the subject of the shot.

Although it’s possible to substitute a make-shift backdrop background, you’ll never realize the full potential of your photographs without the benefit of a sturdy stand and a quality backdrop. You must be able to easily arrange the sheet behind the subject, and it needs to be seamless so that it doesn’t take any attention away.

The Portable Photo Backdrop Stand with Backdrop

This popular option from Avon Security Products is excellent for small and medium-sized spaces. Since it measures 28in by 34in, with an adjustable stand that scopes from 28in to 78in, it is quite enough to fill up the background for photo ID shots such as passports and other government credentials. Of course, it functions just as well if you run a school and need to photograph students, or an office with a policy of employee photo badges.>

As you would expect, the portability of this backdrops derives from how easy it is to disassemble and reassemble. Despite the sturdiness of its construction, it is surprisingly lightweight and can easily be handled by one person. The polyester sheet comes with the option of different solid colors:>

·         Grey

·         Black

·         White

·         Green

·         Yellow

·         Red

·         Light Blue

·         Royal Blue

There are also reversible color options with the white and two blue colors for a small extra fee, allowing you to use one backdrop stand for several different photo ID applications.

The Standing Retractable Backdrop

This Avon Security Products option is even more robust than the previous backdrop; it has dimensions spanning 35in x 50in, has a portable tripod stand, and comes in green, grey, light blue, royal blue, red, white and yellow. This one is a lot lower to the floor, also, and because of its size, can accommodate a larger room for photo shoots.

For ease of transport, Avon Security Products also sells a soft nylon carrying case that can accommodate both the background and the tripod or straight stand. The latter must be collapsed in order to fit, but they come with this functionality – so this isn’t a problem.

Ramp up the quality and professionalism of your photos – Avon Security Products carries everything that you’d need. Contact us today to learn more! 

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