How to Choose Between Varying Zebra Printers

It doesn’t matter what mind of a business you run; whether you are a corporation, a small business, or you work from home, having the right tools available to you makes all the difference. With today’s technology you have capable, efficient, and quality tools such as Zebra printers to help you with all of your printing needs. However, because there are so many Zebra printers available, it’s hard to discern which one you should buy for your specific business needs. Below, we will be going over a few of the best printers from Zebra, as well as what businesses they work best for .

Desktop Printers

These printers are small enough to where you can place them right on a table or a desk. The newest model is the ZD420 and it can print an item 7.9 seconds. If you want something fast and efficient, that won’t take up a lot of space, the ZD42 is the best printer for you. This printer works well with businesses that are agencies where you need to print things like nameplates and product labels, as well as asset and lab specimen sample labels. The ZD420 is also a good option for people that need to work with a printer that is quick, but easy to use – it is good for any user level.

Industrial Printers

When you have a business where efficiency, durability, and variety is in order, you need an industrial printer. One of the better models is the Xi Series. This printer works best with companies and businesses in the transportation, retail, and manufacturing industries. You can do all sorts of tasks with these industrial Zebra printers, this one specifically can be used for shipping and receiving, compliance labeling, inventory checklists, management, cross docking and even work in process tracking.

ID Card Printers

If you are in the healthcare, restaurant/hospitality, or retail industries and you need to make up things like name tags, or even more complex options like creating gift cards, brochures or government IDs, these ID card printers are exactly what you need. You have quite a few series and models in this genre, however, the best one is the professional card reader – ZXP 3. This is right in the middle in terms of cost, and has some really great features such as branch office printing, membership cards and retail cards, personal ID printing and more. The Zebra printers in the ZXP 3 series can do single or double-sided prints and are best suited for businesses looking for a low to medium volume of cards to be printed.

RFID Printers

Zebra printers also have RFID printers. These printers do more than just print, as they can keep track of insights as well. The ZT400 Series is good for people in retail, transportation, warehouse management, manufacturing and in the healthcare industries. The ZT can literally do dozens of tasks quickly and efficiently such as help with back of store operations, print out documents and patient records, compliance labeling, serial number printing, product number printing, cross docking, and specimen/laboratory labeling. It also features quite a few resolutions depending on the one you need.

Any of these would work well for your business. It really all comes down to what you need the printer to do, what your budget is, and of course what you specifically want to use the printer for. Thankfully, Zebra offers a wide array of over 50 different printers in all categories which allow you to choose the one that would fit your needs the best.

To find the ID card printer you need from Zebra, contact us today!

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