The Items You Need for Plastic Card Printing

Plastic card printing is actually a relatively easy task that can be done within a short amount of time. However, there are several things you will need before you get started with your place card printing.

High-resolution printers make it incredibly easy to create a high-quality card. You will need to make sure you get a printer that is able to print to both the quality and security level you need though. Many printers are able to be used in the field as well, making it easy to create visitor badges and other identification away from the office.

Some printers are also able to laminate and add security coding. These make it far easier to manage your tools and equipment as you won’t need to run trial and error for your items. If you need to print double-sided, make sure you find a printer that can manage the work. Many only print one-sided cards.

Card Material

The next item you need for your plastic card printing is the card itself. The type of card you need will be identified with the printer you purchase. Make sure to pay attention to the method of printing as well as that will affect the type of card you can use. Inkjet printers work better with a different type of material than a laser printer.

Laminate or Cover

Nearly all badges and id cards include a cover that will protect them. Laminating is a great way to ensure the life of a card after it has been through plastic card printing, but there are other ways to protect cards. The method of protection you choose could affect the other items you need. For example, if you simply slide the card into a protective cover, then you will need to have some way of safeguarding the card, such as a cover that can be sealed.


This one is a bit trickier because it will depend on the printer you choose. All printers will require you to have the right software for plastic card printing, but the way you access the software can vary. The simplest setup is to have the software on the printer itself so that you do not need a computer or mobile device to complete the work.

Printers that contain all of the necessary software let you use their screens to set up the necessary information. However, if you include pictures, you will need some way to upload those images from the camera. It is important to read through all of the requirements for the software so that you can be prepared with all of the right tools before you begin.


If you need to add a picture to the id card or badge, you need a camera that can deliver a great picture. No matter how good cameras on phones have gotten, it is still not a great way to take an official picture. Make sure you get a camera that can deliver a high-resolution picture that is both clear and crisp so that your prints are successful.

Miscellaneous Items

These are items that you don’t need, but may be nice to have. For badges, you may need an additional cover so that the carrier can hang the badge around their neck or from a belt loop. If you need to punch holes into the card, make sure you have something that will provide consistent clean holes. 

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