Getting Professional with System Accessories

A digital security ID card printing system is one of the best investments that you can make for your company. While managing a growing a team of employees, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to keep track of your existing personnel and all new hires with an ID card system. That said, if you want to get the most out of your security investment, you should ensure that your employees always put it to correct use with the help of useful accessories.

If you’ve already started with a complete security ID card printer package, then you’re probably getting used to all of the useful features that 
office security products have to offer. A new in-house ID card printing system can allow you to print anywhere from 25 to over 5000 ID cards in a year, depending on your needs.

If you have a large number of employees, then purchasing a company printer can make it much easier to equip new personnel with ID cards or replace lost cards for existing employees. The ability to issue and replace security cards on-the-spot will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your security system.

One of the best printers you can buy for a high-volume demand is the Fargo 56305 DTC5500LMX direct-to-card printing solution, but we have lots of ID card printers to choose from in our inventory, with the ability to meet the needs of any company interested in investing in better security. Once your security ID card printing system is in operation, you’ll want to consider taking your security capabilities even further by employing useful system and badge accessories.

System accessories help to guarantee that your printing capabilities remain in complete functioning order. For example, you might want to order at least one extra print head in case the ones you’re using expire, or even an extra card reader, also for backup. You can also purchase a printer-specific cover to promote proper maintenance and protection of your valuable device.


Other system accessories help you to secure better photos for designing your ID cards, which include web cameras, photography backdrops and tripods, and if you are interested in learning more about ID card design, and you can also get in touch with us to learn more about ID card design software. 

On the other hand, badge accessories help your employees to take better care of their ID cards, these include lanyards, badge holders, armbands, reels and clips. They can also make security features easier and quicker to use, such as when an employee is able to scan their card through a card reader with one quick pull of a retractable badge reel. The retracting feature helps to prevent card loss as well. Lanyards can also carry your company logo to promote brand recognition and increase your employees’ company pride.

While some accessories to electronic appliances may seem superfluous, you really can’t invest too much in a security ID card printing system. Take a look at what else is on offer today to see what will best supplement your printing needs. After all, you’ve already made the initial investment, so you might as well get the best security at your disposal!

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