Holiday Security Risks You Can Avoid with ID Cards

The holidays come with joy, gifts, and many new memories, but security risks may also accompany them. For many companies, business starts to boom during the holidays, requiring additional staff members. Although the extra help can ease your mind, it might also be stressful to worry about whether they are genuinely worthy or not.

In addition to new staff members, the busiest season of the year might possess other security risks. A report found that phishing attacks increase 400% near the holiday season.

You may overlook some aspects of your business while ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Here are some holiday security risks you can avoid by using a plastic ID card printer before the season approaches. 

Overcrowded Areas Leading to Theft

Whether you work in an office or store, your workspace might become overcrowded during the holidays. You can benefit from limiting visitors to your workplace to reduce the risk of theft. It can be challenging to manage a crowded area without ID cards. Implementing an ID card system will allow you to control how many people enter each area.

If your workplace encounters a theft or similar incident, it can be easier for you to identify the criminal when ID cards are in place. Without identification, you may not be aware of who is entering your premises.

Risk of Data Breach Due to Seasonal Staff

You may hire temporary workers during the holidays to tackle the busy period. However, since your company won’t have enough time to look deeply into the background of every staff member, you might face difficulties if any of them are not loyal. Use a temporary ID card for every seasonal staff member to reduce the risk of a data breach or theft.

Providing temporary ID cards to seasonal staff will ensure that the employees don’t enter the building after the short-time staffing period ends. Temporary ID cards will expire after a specific time, enabling you to rest assured that the risk of a data breach is lower.

Exposure to Scams Due to Employee Error

When you hire someone new, they might not be as qualified as your current employees. However, without ID cards, it can be challenging to track who made an error if an unfortunate event occurs.

Cybercrime is a primary culprit of most data breaches that can tarnish a company’s reputation and result in high costs. Unfortunately, the simple error of clicking on a suspicious link can allow hackers to enter the system and cause numerous problems.

For example, if someone clicks on a phishing click that results in a significant security risk for your company, it can be tough to identify who caused the issue. But, making sure your staff members scan their ID cards at the door before using any computer will help you identify who might be responsible.

Take your time to follow some helpful workplace security tips to secure your company this winter. Prepare your temporary ID system ahead of time to prevent downtime after your staff members arrive for work. Enter the season with complete protection and leave the security risks associated with the holidays behind. So, you can spend your time on events that you enjoy instead.

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