Your Guide To The (Surprisingly!) Wide World Of ID Card Printers

Whether you are starting a new business, opening a new branch of a previously existing business, or simply throwing a well-attended event, you are going to eventually have to answer the big ‘S’ question – security! You will need to form a ‘wall’ between you and who (or what) you do not want coming through those doors. Security guards and a good bouncing staff go a long way, but, regrettably, they will not solve all your security issues. Magnetized ID cards are one of the most common and effective security systems.


First step: procure an ID card printer. If only it were as simple as picking up a plastic card printer from the nearest electronic store! Indeed, this world is deceptively complex, with numerous companies out there offering a wide array of systems and options for you to consider. Here is a quick rundown on what you can expect when you start looking at ID card printers.



Before You Start


First, ask yourself some preliminary questions. How many ID cards are you going to need? 20? 50? 500? 5000? More? Do you want to print on both sides of the card or just one? Are you using a PC or a MAC? Is this a one-time thing or are you going to be printing cards on a regular basis for visitors and new employees? All these variables effect the type of machine you’re going to need. Keep these questions in mind as you’re browsing for products online. You need to consider the best ID card printer for each individual job – or risk spending too much money on something you don’t need!


Smaller Orders


For smaller orders (<500 cards per year), we highly recommend the Javelin line of printers. These efficient, low cost ID card printers fit comfortably anywhere in the office. They come equipped with Microsoft’s LifeCam 1.3 megapixel webcam for sharp photographs and print at 300 DPI for an equally attractive finished product! Perfect for small to mid-sized businesses.


Mid-Range Orders


But your company is bigger than that, not to mention you’ve got office guests, interns, family members, and temp employees running that revolving door off its wheels. You might need something a bit heavier duty. Javelin’s PRO and Polaroid/Valid P5500S’s ID card systems might be just what you need. These stalwart machines can print in the neighborhood of 5000 cards per year, dual-sized.


Big Time Orders


But perhaps you work for a really big company, or more than one. You’re printing ID cards practically every single day. They need to print fast, and they need to look good. Fargo’s latest ID card printing systems are just what you need. These rugged, yet stylish machines are some of the first to comprise HID Global’s new Professional Select Series of printers. They are able to print hundreds of cards, dual-sided, in a single sitting. No matter how much foot traffic your company, school, or hospital deals with, Fargo’s heavy duty machines will get the job done.


This only scratches the surface of what’s available on the market out there. There are dozens of companies offering their own unique – but not necessarily high quality – services. Be sure to do your homework, know what your company needs, and, of course, ask questions! Contact Avon Security Products any time of the day for all your ID card needs.

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