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Avon Security Products Badge Clips

Avon Security is a leading security products provider specializing in quality-made badge clips, among other security solutions.
A badge clip is a simple and effective way to secure and display photo ID cards. It also allows staff to easily identify that an individual has the credentials needed to enter authorized premises. Our selection of ID clips is designed to add convenience, efficiency, and security to your business’s daily operations.
We work with businesses and organizations nationwide to ensure they’re equipped with the security solutions they need.
Learn how investing in ID badge clips can help enhance your security efforts

Avon Security offers one of the most extensive inventories of security products and accessories in Canada, including a wide selection of name badges and badge clips.

When it comes to displaying your credentials, a badge clip is a simple and effective tool to ensure your ID badge is securely attached to your badge holder. With this feature, you can attach your badge to any visible pocket, belt loop, breakaway lanyard, or non-breakaway lanyard.

We supply badge clips from leading manufacturers across the country. With our growing selection of ID badge clips, all industries can take steps to enhance their security efforts and streamline daily operations without losing productivity.

Our security experts will help you select the badge clip best suited for your security needs. Contact us today for a free product recommendation.

Choose Avon Security: Our Mission

At Avon Security, we believe in offering only the highest-quality security solutions — and that starts with our selection of ID badge clips.

We understand businesses and organizations in Canada need products and accessories that add convenience and efficiency to their daily operations. That’s why we’re proud to share our ID badges with a wide range of industries, ranging from education to hospitality, healthcare, emergency services and more.

In addition to clips for name badges, our inventory of security products and accessories includes ID card printers, photo ID software, badges and accessories, and printer accessories. If you have any questions about an ID badge or any of our other products, our security experts offer free recommendations to help you make the best decision for your business.

We work with thousands of clients nationwide to supply their businesses with security solutions they can trust. Contact our team today to learn more about our selection of ID name badge clips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Badge Clips

A badge clip is an attachment that connects a lanyard or the clip itself to a badge holder, which displays an individual’s professional credentials via a name badge.

A badge clip is used to attach a name badge and ID to a lanyard or to an individual’s pocket or belt loop.

If the badge clip is a vinyl or PVC strap, simply press the clip opening together and secure the clip to the badge holder. If the clip is a round-edge split ring, find the keyring opening and thread the holder through until fastened.

In the case of a magnetic badge clip, separate the magnetic base from the adhesive and secure it on either side of your clothing.

A badge clip can be made from various materials, depending on the type of clip being used. Some of the most common examples are:

Vinyl Straps & Metal Clips

These badge clips are among the most popular for Canadian businesses. With an alligator clip, users can easily open and attach their clip to any clothing item, collar, or belt, or holder. Their metal pieces close securely around the badge holder or clothing item, keeping your ID secure throughout the day.

Key Ring with Converting Vinyl Strap

If you’re looking to attach your badge clip to a standard swivel hook, a key ring is the solution. With a key ring and convertible vinyl strap, users can feel secure knowing their badge will not fall off or become tampered with.

Magnetic ID Badge Clip

Magnetic badge holders are ideal for individuals looking for a secure ID protector without worrying about damaging their uniform or piece of clothing. As the most garment-friendly option, a badge clip offers a durable and secure alternative for a wide range of professionals, from government workers to emergency service professionals.

Plastic Attachment

Certain workplaces require using minimal metal in their day-to-day operations. A reusable plastic badge clip is the most effective solution to keeping an ID secure and in view for security personnel while minimizing the need for a metal fastener.

At Avon Security, we offer a selection of badge clips designed to offer convenience and efficiency to everyday security operations, including:

Nylon Cords

We offer extendable badge clips with nylon cords fitted with a split ring and vinyl strap clip. This type of badge clip is beneficial for individuals that need to present their IDs to access card readers without detaching the clip from their person.

Magnetic Badge

We offer magnetic ID badge clips for employees looking to secure their identification without puncturing clothing. With a secure peel-and-stick adhesive, individuals can display their credentials using a clip or pin.

Vinyl Strap Clip

A vinyl strap clip uses a metal alligator clip to secure an ID badge holder, which can then be fastened to a lanyard or on a piece of clothing. This versatile ID badge clip option works with badge holders, lanyards, and keyrings.

Round Edge Split Ring

Split rings are a simple way to ensure your ID badge remains attached to your badge clip. We offer non-heated round-edge split rings in bulk orders of 500 or 1000.

At Avon Security, we offer one of the largest selections of security products and accessories – including ID badge clips.

We provide security solutions for businesses and organizations across Canada through our inventory of ID card accessories that are designed to enhance security efforts and streamline daily operations. Our ID badge clips are a simple and effective tool to secure your identification and ID badge so that you can effectively display your credentials in a professional setting.

We offer expert recommendations online to help ensure you’re selecting the ID badge clip that’s right for your business’s needs. Our specialists will walk you through our inventory and answer any questions along the way, ensuring a smooth transaction from start to finish.

ID badge clips are small metal clips, key rings, or magnetic badges designed to secure an individual’s name badge to their person or to a lanyard. These badge clips are non-retractable but can easily display identification when secured on a breakaway lanyard, non-breakaway lanyard, pocket, or belt loop.

An ID badge reel contains a retractable cord and connects to a name badge holder. Users can extend their name ID badge outwards using the nylon cord as opposed to removing the ID to show security personnel or scan against an access card reader.

At Avon Security, we work with a range of industries across Canada to help them understand the full benefits from professional-grade badge clips, including:


Healthcare or medical-based facilities like pharmaceutical companies must be diligent in ensuring all personnel have the proper credentials to enter and exit the premises. A security feature, like an ID badge clip, is a small but effective tool to ensure all credentials are securely fastened to your clothing or to a lanyard.


Education institutions, including high-schools and post-secondary schools, have specific credentials that must be presented when accessing faculty offices, file rooms, and various lecture halls. Our ID badge clips play an integral role in securing school ID cards for educators and students.

Emergency Services

First responders and other emergency services providers are required to wear their credentials on full display to give patients and their families peace of mind and to make it easy to identify their department. A badge clip secures their ID badge to their uniform so that their ID is readily available for authorization.


Construction sites are often full of project leaders, workers, and developers coming and going on any given site day. With professional security accessories like D badge clips, construction sites can remain a secure space and ensure only authorized individuals have access to machinery, building designs and more.


Whether it’s a municipal, provincial, or federal agency, government institutions must be able to show their identification to enter a variety of offices and entryways, including cabinet rooms, courtrooms, and high-level meetings. Our ID badge clips allow government officials to securely attach their government ID cards to their person and ensure they’re on display when they’re on the premises.

If you’re looking to purchase quality-made ID badge clips for your employees and visitors, trust Avon Security Products.

We’re a proud supplier of one of the largest selections of security products and accessories in Canada. We work with clients across the country to enhance their security efforts and daily operations.

Our experienced representatives will help you find the type of ID badge clip best suited for your company’s needs.

Contact us today to learn why adding a clip to your ID badge is a simple and effective way to elevate your security measures.

Using a badge clip can provide a range of convenient benefits, including:


Whether you’re working on a university campus or in an airport, having your credentials readily on display is an important part of maintaining security on any commercial or corporate premises. A secure ID badge clip ensures your ID is attached to your badge and on display for any security personnel on-site.


Using an ID badge clip is a secure way to attach your credentials to a piece of clothing, belt loop, pocket, or lanyard — ensuring the ID badge does not fall off and cannot be tampered with.


We offer a selection of ID badge clips in bulk quantities for an efficient, low-cost option that can benefit your company’s budget.