New Year, New Security: Why and How to Elevate Your Security This Year

It’s a new year. Before you get drawn back into work, think about how you can make your office more secure. Protecting your business, employees, and customers is one of the most important things to do. We live in a world where attackers can target web presence to steal information and money.

Cyberattacks are rising and can involve anything from ransomware to email phishing. According to the 2021 data breach investigations report of Verizon, 5,258 data breaches occurred in 16 different companies.   

 It’s not enough to rely on traditional security measures. In this article, we will discuss the necessity to establish security measures and how they can help you stay secure. We will also tackle why photo ID badges for employees or PVC ID cards can safeguard your business.

The Importance of Security in Business 

There are increasing data breaches — more than 3.9 billion data records are lost and stolen worldwide. A new report from IBM Security stated that the cost of data breaches in Canada hit a new record in 2021. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to risk any physical danger to your employees. Not everyone entering and exiting your building is an employee, supplier, or visitor. Ensure only authorized parties are allowed in or out of your premises.

 As technology develops, so does the need for identification systems. With your company’s security on the line, it’s imperative to have the right equipment at your fingertips. A PVC card printer is exactly what you need to make high-quality identification cards that help you maintain a safe working environment. Having an ID card system in place can significantly deter theft and fraud, plus provide a professional look for your company.

What Is an ID Card System?

ID card systems will issue employees and visitors photo identification cards. The system consists of an access control unit, a plastic card printer, and a software program. Sometimes, these systems can be upgraded and customised — depending on the needs of your business. You can add lanyards, webcams, badge reels, ribbons, and more.

Why Get an Employee ID Card System?     

An ID card system improves security. With an ID card system in place, security personnel can quickly detect a person’s identity before letting an individual inside the premises. The system enables the guards to verify the visitor’s name, department, and code before providing access. Here are other additional benefits of getting an employee ID card system:

  • It is cost-effective: Having your ID card system means you’ll be able to have your ID cards made in minutes — not hours or days. Typically, ID card printers are more expensive than the more conventional printers. But a full-featured ID card system is often less costly than purchasing all the needed supplies separately. You don’t have to go from store to store trying to find a printer that can handle that type of ribbon and the associated cost of the replacement ink.
  • Your company gets to build brand recognition: Offering photo ID cards means that the organization can reinforce its promotional efforts and encourage employee loyalty.
  • Helps with access rights: As a business owner, you can use different access levels for employee ID cards to differentiate between communal and secure work areas. It is simple to set up and administer and has excellent flexibility for changing access rights.
  • Allows activity monitoring: Some ID cards are programmed with passcodes. These give the ability to track and monitor their employees and their activities. One can track who accessed what area, how long they were there, and when they came in and left. Also included are timestamps for hours worked each day, providing your team with accountability and easier payroll processing.
  • Improves workplace relationships: IDs help each employee identify their co-workers and get the most from their teams.

How to Keep Your ID Card Safe and Secure

Know when to bring your ID card

Know when you should be wearing and bringing your ID card. This will depend on the company policies. Do you need to wear your ID card at all times? Or only when you enter the building? If you don’t need to wear your ID card, keep it in a safe and secure area. You can also use lanyards or badge reels. 

Wear a lanyard

A great way to keep your ID card safe is to wear it around your neck on a lanyard. This will make sure you won’t misplace your card, and you can be confident that once it is attached to the lanyard, it won’t easily fall out during a busy day. Lanyards are also a great way to support a cause by attaching your ID card to an awareness lanyard.

Use a badge reel

Badge reels allow you to carry around your ID card without wearing it around your neck. It keeps your ID card attached to your hip so that you can swipe it with ease when needed.

Store in a safe place

Always store your ID card in the same place when not in use. That way, it will be easier to find and prevent its loss. Store your ID card in a safe place to avoid damage.

Keep in condition

Take care of your ID card properly. Store it in a safe and secure area. Ensure that it is away from any sharp object — to prevent scratches. 

If you want to elevate your security this year, it is best to have a high-quality ID badge system for your company. Call Avon Security now.

“Having the best ID card system guarantees your business is safe and secured from any threats.”

– Avon Security Products

Are You Looking for the Best Employee ID Card Systems for Your Business?

Security is an ever-evolving industry. Staying on top of current developments and business security tips is beneficial for any company that seeks to protect its assets.   

Having an ID card system provides many benefits. It makes the company more secure for employees and customers. It also makes it easier to control access to restricted areas. Overall, every business owner should consider using an ID card system in their workplace.

Is your business ready for the next step in security? Our complete ID card systems keep your workplace secure. We offer a variety of ID cards that meet the specific requirements of your institution. Get in touch with us today to learn about the latest employee ID card printer systems for your employees. We can help you get started in no time!

FAQs on New Year, New Security: Why and How to Elevate your Security This Year

What should an ID card contain?

Your employer will decide the information on your ID card. This may include your name, date of birth, employee number, DBS number, job title, National Insurance number, start and expiry date, and department.

What is PVC printing?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a plastic material used in ID card printing. PVC material offers a smooth finished surface, which means colours and branding details show vividly. 

How long does a PVC ID card last? 

PVC cards are more durable and last longer than paper. To make sure it will last for much longer, store it properly. When not in use, keep it in a secured area and out of harm’s way.

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