Zebra ZXP Series 8 Retransfer ID Card Printer

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Zebra ZXP series 8 dual-sided, retransfer ID card printer. Includes 2-year warranty.

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Product Reviews

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    One thing I must say about the ZXP Series 8 printer is, it definitely achieves superior, photo-like image qualities. The images come out perfect! More than one encoding option can be used on this printer which has been a huge help to my employees and I. We've had this printer since last Summer and we have 0 complaints. I would gladly purchase another Zebra ZXP if I needed too.

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    I haven't used a Zebra product in many years and wasn't sure about this purchase. I'm very happy with this printer. The quality of the cards is great. I'm not one for users manuals and didn't need to read it. Operation is intuitive.

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    Works great, easy set up, and you save a lot of money buying from Avon!

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    Great dependable printer. Easy as pie to use.

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